Automating Medical Forms with OCR

The forms CMS 1500 (formerly HCFA 1500) and UB-04 are the most common medical forms used to submit a claim. The form CMS 1500 is the universal claim form used by non-institutional healthcare providers, such as private practices, to bill specific covered services. The form UB-04 is very similar to the CMS 1500, but it is used by institutional healthcare providers, such as hospitals, to submit claims. A number of technical protocols and industry standards must be met for insurance claims to be delivered expediently and accurately between medical practice and payer.

The insurance claims process presents a big data entry challenge.

Data from these forms must be entered into a claims processing system. This is an expensive, labor-intensive task that is also prone to transcription errors. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can be used to automate the data entry by converting the scanned forms into machine-readable text, while improving accuracy with data validation checks.


Our advanced OCR solution streamlines the data entry of healthcare claims
to reduce costs, processing delays and transcription errors.

Efficient | Dependable | Flexible | Consistent | Accurate | Functional

Perform your claims processing faster, with less errors and effort using OCR.

medical forms OCR

It’s as simple as…

Scan the Form | Verify for Accuracy | Export
Our advanced software was designed to eliminate slow, inaccurate manual processes
by delivering a simple user experience on a superior service-oriented architecture

Does your organization enter data from healthcare claim forms?

Streamline operations for the processing of healthcare claims using our automated processing system.

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medical forms

Other functions and benefits include:

medical forms

  • Index forms for instant searching and viewing
  • Reduce the risk of combining redundant member information
  • Customized to specifically fit your company’s requirements
  • Improve exception handling
  • Maintains both professional and institutional claim types with all required information
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase accuracy, productivity, and profitability
  • Predefined templates for fast implementation

Be a leader in the competitive healthcare industry
with optimized healthcare claims management

using our automated processing system.

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