In our 2018 updates to the claims OCR solution, we have included support for both Black and White and Color Drop-Out scanning for the UB-04 form using a single processing stream. Now instead of having to manage separate form templates, recognition settings, output settings, etc. for B&W and drop-out forms, you only need a single configuration to process both types simultaneously. Other claims OCR solutions can’t do this–in fact many of them can’t process Black & White scans at all!

The UB-04 form, also known as the form CMS-1450, is the uniform institutional provider hard copy claim form for billing multiple third party payers. Form UB-04 is very similar to the CMS-1500, but it is used by institutional healthcare providers like hospitals. The UB-04 is used in place of electronic claims as approved by the ASCA. The UB-04 is standardized and contains all the basic information needed to submit an accurate claim, although not all payers require the same data elements as required by Medicare.

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CMS-1450/UB04 Uniform Bill