CMS-1450/UB04 Uniform Bill

The UB-04 form, also known as the form CMS-1450, is the uniform institutional provider hard copy claim form for billing multiple third party payers. Form UB-04 is very similar to the CMS-1500, but it is used by institutional healthcare providers like hospitals. The UB-04 is used in place of electronic claims as approved by the ASCA. The UB-04 is standardized and contains all the basic information needed to submit an accurate claim, although not all payers require the same data elements as required by Medicare.

The insurance claims process can be complex and time consuming.

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Before a claim is submitted, a number of technical protocols and industry standards must be met for insurance claims to be delivered expediently and accurately between medical practice and payer. Our software makes it simple:

  1. Once imported (copied or scanned), the expedited claims capture process begins:

    Once the form is scanned, our software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize machine
    printed data from scanned images, as well as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) that can read hand printed data to electronically isolate and record information provided in the different fields, transferring and filling that information. This includes all information on the form, such as:

    • Billing provider information
    • Patient identification and information
    • Services information
    • Health plan information
    • Insurance information
    • Account information
    • Billing charges
    • Creation date
    • Diagnosis codes
    • Submission data

2.  Our software checks for errors, then flags and prioritizes those errors.
Our software checks for errors, then flags and prioritizes those errors by low confidence fields for easy verification or correction. Low confidence areas are highlighted for fast review.

3.  Edit or verify the recorded information.
You can review and edit all the data automatically recorded from the form.

4. Export and store your claim.
When verification is complete, all the data is automatically exported to your claims processing system and stored in a database.

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  • Reduce errors caused by manual data entry
  • Eliminate slow, inaccurate manual processes

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With an increasing rise in Medicare applicants, our fast ability to scan, index, and sort data captured from those forms is critical to your bottom line.

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